Covid-19 and Business Impact

You are invited to take part in a survey of businesses in the face of coronavirus. It is mainly focused on the UK but businesses in every location around the world are cordially invited to take part.

The UK government has finally woken up to the fact that COVID-19 will not just impact businesses during the lockdown, but for many months after lockdown eases, possibly longer. For most of us, it is disappointing, if not stunning that this has only now entered into their minds, as evidenced by the Prime Minister’s reaction to being told of the potential unemployment problems that are likely to arise: “Christ!”, he is reported to have said.

Businesses around the world have been concerned about this from the outset of the crisis, and the economic impact is hard to ignore. Planning is the key to survival and success as we start to see the economy slowly wake up.

My firm, Hillier Hopkins LLP, Chartered Accountants, is gathering information about how businesses have coped and will cope, and what impact each perceives. Each business is different, and we would like to hear from you, to find out how things have gone so far and what you expect, hope for and fear.

We believe that, with your help in answering this survey, we can gather information that can in turn allow us to understand the real issues facing a wide range of businesses. There are some obvious matters, of course, but understanding how a wide range of businesses are coping and your expectations will allow Hillier Hopkins to better serve the business community.

Thank-you in advance for taking part. The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete – 15 minutes if you have a lot to say.

We will provide feedback and analysis on this blog-site or at Hillier Hopkins’s web site.

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Jonathan Franks

A man of limited intellect spurred on by a belief that if you say enough, some of it might be right. Also a specialist in self-deprecation.

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