In response to demand by people who have never read anything he has written, Hillier Hopkins asked Jonathan Franks to write his disdainful and self-deprecating thoughts to the wider audience.  No-one expects anyone to read them, least of all Jonathan.  He enjoys writing, he says, because no-one listens when he speaks.  We do hope that others will join him in writing on this blog site.

The authors are Principals at Hillier Hopkins and our first author to put head above the parapet is Jonathan, who is known for being outspoken on almost every subject, and especially on those where his knowledge is extremely limited.  However, his team and those who work with him, not to mention the people who matter most to him, his clients, usually feel that his take at least provokes thought.

Founded in a strong belief that some people who write blogs generally take their views too seriously, HHeLLP is intended to provide a slightly wry perspective on some of the matters that arise in the press and elsewhere, especially in relation to business and private taxation.

Hillier Hopkins LLP and its Principals do not necessarily concur with the views expressed, and for that reason, this blog is distinct from its main website, which of course, all readers are encouraged to visit.